Before we embark on this magnificent journey, the History of Ebony Boat Club, please may I introduce myself the captain of this ship.   My name is Mildred Hagans (Pegge to most), the Historian for Ebony Boat Club, the Founder of our first “Boatique”, also a long time member and with love for both. My husband James Hagans (Tony to most) is the Editor of our Newsletter The Beacon and also our Webmaster and a member of EBC.


You probably will question the spelling of our “Boatique”, but please believe me it is intentional.  We wanted everything to be our very own, so a vote was taken and Sandra Galloway our Secretary came up with the name as spelled.  To add to this joy as you get into the History the name has been changed to “Pegge Hagans Boatique”.  Can you possibly imagine such a tribute and the total happiness it has brought to me.  I will be forever grateful  for the love that has  been shown to me,  Just not enough words to tell the story but  my EBC family understands .


Tony and I were sponsored by our dear friend Commodore Malcolm Eady in 1991, just a few years after the club was formerly organized and we have had nothing but an unforgettably pleasurable journey for these twenty-four years, (Gosh, that is a long time) and hopefully we are working on the next two or three. (Smiles) which are permissible only by the Historian with benefits.  We will forever have a special place in our hearts for our Ebony Boat Club.  Well so much for the Hagans Dynasty and on with the great stuff.


To help me with some of the most important details that happened before our time, I contacted one of the original Founders and the first Commodore Willian E. Melson who played an intricate part in organizing the club.  Bill did not hesitate and willingly jumped  right in and volunteered his help and any information on the clubs beginning  which would  help me fill in the many blanks  His story was  as great as any movie I have seen, it really kept me interested as I am hopeful that you will feel the same.  I was actually spellbound, what a History.  I want to thank you Bill for your unconditional help and how proud I am to be a part of this History.  You made my project a joy, a challenge, and as truthful as possible.  I sincerely hope that all of you will make this document a part of your personal library labeled “A Great Read “.  Remember it is History (Past) and will never happen again.  







As early as 1975 there were few black boaters on the waters of the San Francisco Bay and Delta with the exception of close friends Otis Loggins, Elbert Bullock and Larry Williams and soon after they met another curious black boater from San Jose who turned out to be Bill Melson.  They exchanged telephone numbers and continued on their separate ways, supposedly to the special place where the big fish were waiting to be caught.  After some time had passed, these numbers were misplaced but the memory of friendship was still there.


As fate would have it, on one of those special days Bill and his family cruised in to Brannon Island State Park docks and good news he again met up with his long lost friends Otis Loggins, Elbert Bullock and Larry Williams having lunch on the docks.  They renewed their relationship, vowed to keep in touch and cruise together whenever possible.


When other black boaters were on land or water they were contacted, telephone numbers exchanged and invitations to cruise with the group, as they preferred to be called.  The activities on these raft ups included fishing, Bid Whist, Dominoes, music and refreshments.  Locating a place to call home and a dock to fish from was an ongoing conversation; of course organizing was a priority.  The focus for all was a HOME.


To continue the possibilities of their dream and to pursue the ideas offered, the so called group had grown in number to eight Boaters, Bill Brooks, Elbert Bullock, Lem Hollins, Unfard Gibson, Otis Loggins, Bill Melson, Larry Williams and Aury Canson met aboard the “Lady E”, Bill Melson’s vessel at Decker Island, September 1987 and the prospect of formally organizing was seriously discussed.


The first meeting was held on October 3, 1987 at the home of Elbert Bullock, Rodeo, CA.  There were twelve Boaters present, Roy Adger, Bill Brooks, Charles Fikes, Ed Frye, Unfard Gibson, Lemuel Hollins, Otis  Loggins, Bill  Melson, Larry Williams and Linda Overall.  Aury Canson ‘s absence was a health issue.  Linda Overall  was our first lady Captain  and  the proud  owner of  her boat  “Brown Sugar Too”.  Of course, she  really knew how to handle “Brown Sugar Too” and it was always a pleasure  to cruise with her .  


The first order of business was to agree on a name for the club, and after a lengthy debate and a final vote, the organization would be called “Ebony Boat Club”.  The description “yacht club” versus “boat club” was also discussed in great detail
and it was decided that the name” Boat Club” would make all boaters feel welcome and the boat size would not be important.


The choice of a Burgee was made at this meeting and it was decided it would be

 rectangular with horizontal stripes of green, black and red.  This proposal was

presented by Otis Loggins.


The second meeting also held at Elbert Bullocks home was for the purpose of selecting a Logo.  Bill Melson presented pictures of a dolphin, lighthouse and a boat as possible candidates.  Ann Dukes suggested an appropriate comment for the lighthouse stating “we are showing the light for others”.  This idea was overwhelmingly approved by the members so we have the “Lighthouse” as our Logo.


The next project for the club was the introduction of the Annual Christmas Party, the first hosted by Bill Brooks in Vacaville, CA.  This would later become our Annual Inaugural Ball. 


In early February 1988 during a raft up at Islands Marina, a meeting was held to finalize the official club jacket.  The original Ebony Boat Club jacket is red, quilted and hip length and the first order was purchased June 9, 1988.


The next meeting was held at the home of Bill Melson in San Jose, CA to elect officers and finalize the Clubs structure.  After a very difficult and lengthy meeting, the members approved all issues and a significant progress was accomplished, all with the intention of forming an organization. The first Commodore elected was Bill Melson and the original by-laws were adopted.   August 27, 1988.  The position of Vice Commodore (Events) was added to the structure.  The early members agreed to maintain three dedicated raft-ups in recognition of its members: (1) Labor Day Weekend in Sacramento, CA as a tribute to members in that area (2) Middle of June in dedication to youths and 

(3) October in the Bay Area as a tribute to the members in that area.



                                            EBONY BOAT CLUB HISTORY






t  The club structure was established.


t  The first officers were elected August 27, 1988.


t  The clubs by-laws were adopted August 27. 1988.


t  Boat U/S Cooperating Group Accord was obtained, which allowed members to join at a reduced rate, and made them eligible for other benefits from Boat US.


t  The initial purchase of flags and jackets was made.       


1989 -1990



t  The club was still  looking for a location to call home.  Our previous meetings were held at private homes just to name a few, Otis Loggins, Malcolm Eady, Elbert Bullock, an office at Dan Gordon’s Yacht Masters, Travis Air Force Base Officer’s Club, Humphrey’s a restaurant on the Delta and several other locations. 


t  The EBC Annual Christmas parties were  also celebrated at the homes of members, the first being held at the home of Bill and Treaver Brooks, another at the home of Agrippa Cramer.  Remember this was long before the fabulous Annual Inaugural Ball days (our private Red Carpet) and certainly before we finally had our own clubhouse.


t  The first EBC baby, Kelly was born to members Paul and Lin Boyd.


t  Ebony Boat Club made the initial cruise to Monterey, CA, to enjoy the Jazz Festival and the best time fishing and cooking their catch on the docks, that is if there was  really any such thing as a “catch”.   (The Historian smile).   The objective was to provide ocean cruising experience to the captains and their boats  for  possible future  ocean cruises.





t  The club was sanctioned as a California non-profit social club.


t  Incorporating the club was completed March 21, 1991.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Executive Inn, Oakland, CA and for the first time established as a fundraiser .





t  Ebony Boat  Club was still a club without a home until 1992.  We had looked at various proposals to purchase  an island, land or an existing marina for  the new home, but nothing proved  to be  successful.  Commodore Loggins asked  Roy Adger if he would  locate a facility for the EBC clubhouse,  since his expertise  and special talents  was  in  Real Estate  commercial or residential.  Roy Adger solicited assistance from Commodore Melson and off they went on this precious mission.  They travelled from the central Delta to Shasta  Lake looking at pontoons and house boats that may be suitable for converting into a clubhouse.


t  Finally Roy Adger located an old ammunition (latch) barge at Bruno Isle and he asked Commodore Melson for his assessment for converting it into a home for EBC.  The members were elated  and approved  the idea making  the dream  a  real possibility.  (Historian’s comments, I know the dream and the feelings that go with it)


t  Of course the barge would require renovation, and  Commodore Melson was asked to lead the team in accomplishing this request.   He agreed and  Roy Adger travelled with him to West Sacramento to survey a renovated latch barge that was for sale and just like the one we were about to purchase.  During this inspection key “specs” of the design were noted such as floor height, etc.   The barge was purchased and moved by tug from Bruno Harbor to Owl Harbor Marina “A” Dock.


t  He drafted plans for the renovation and work days were scheduled.


t  Before refurbishing was completed the clubhouse had to be relocated again to “J” Dock  at Owl Harbor Marina.  On April 10, 1993 club members moved the clubhouse  the length of the Marina with a 14 foot boat in tow and one 20 footer as a stabilizer in the rear.


t  Commodore Melson constructed the bar in his garage at San Jose, CA and after completion  trucked  it to the clubhouse for installation.  Captain Aury Canson donated funds for the water heater, Captain Deanna  Wilkins donated  the sinks and stove, Captain Fikes donated tables,  chairs, filing cabinets and a projector screen, and  also Captain Deanna Wilkins and Commodore Melson donated aluminum ramps, so you see  we are  a special organization,  where everybody owns a part  if only a bit. 


t  Commodore Melson also located the display case that I used in the Boatique and  it may still be there .  He trucked it from home after he made some repairs and I was so happy, a part of my dream was to display my merchandise, just  like “Macy’s”. We have so much to thank our Founders for, so let us not ever forget where we came from and where we are going.





t  Assessments were paid by each member and the barge was purchased.  Home at last.  Ebony Boat Club really has a History and if you  have not been a part of  it, you have  really missed a part of  your journey, because you know we are all on that magic trip.


t  In preparation for the move and getting a head start, official club stationery and membership cards were purchased.


t  The club applied for membership  in the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association .


t  Our first paid advertisement published in the Beacon was sold to Otis and Marilyn Brock for “Marilyn’s Day Care Center and Preschool”.

t  The second EBC baby, Allison was born to members Courtney and Lisa Knight.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at Pelican Landing, Oakland, CA.





t  Completing the clubhouse was Commodore  Adger’s priority.  Past Commodore Bill Melson drew up the plans and the work began at a rapid pace.  At least we were on our way.  To mention  just a few of Commodore Adger’s special  projects, the finalization of our application to PICYA was at the top of  his list, train all First Mates in using the radio and operating his or her vessel, to issue scholarships to at least  three high school students which was later approved, and establish the duties of the Parliamentarian.


t  The possibility of having two major fundraisers, our Annual Christmas patty and one other was suggested by Captain Kathy Qualls who will pursue this idea and advise the membership accordingly.


t  Commodore Adger  offered Elroy Booker a member, the position of  Port Captain for the club.


t  A name for the Newsletter was chosen March 26, 1994 and we are now the “Beacon” with Tony Hagans as the Editor.  What a  great  addition to our  club, the best news that we can possibly receive.  Communication is the source of understanding and all successful organizations should be well aware of this.


t  EBC celebrated the official Open House June 4, 1994.  It was with great pride to welcome our guests, friends and families to our new home on the  Delta.  This affair was so beautiful, truly such a touch of class that we had to send  some guests to trailers, and  boats at midnight, and post a “No Vacancy” sign.  We had the best food, along with excellent drinks and the best entertainment.  Our thanks to Lauren Bullock, Bob Smith Group, Charles Terry and Elbert Bullock our “DJ” for this special occasion.  You made us all proud.


t  We have talent and skills  in our club among our young people, for example a professional singer Lauren Bullock, the daughter of Elbert and Yvonne Bullock, a saxophonist Danya, their grandson, Erika Melson, the daughter of  Bill and Evelyn Melson  and Erika who will graduate from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine and Heather Powell, the  daughter of Sandra Galloway who has been accepted to the University of California Irvine.  So you see our club is in place to encourage and support other youths who are  planning their futures and possibly ours.  Remember the old song “We Are The Children”?  The Open House had something for everybody and of course the Historian was there.  There are not too many times that I missed, you know the free food. (smiles)


t  EBC celebrated the Annual Juneteenth  Youth  Day and Father’s Day at Hogback Recreation  Park, June 17, 18 and 19, 1994.  Children and grandchildren attended and enjoyed all of the promises of a good time, including good food, games and most of all fellowship.  This event is sponsored  by the Club and preparations  solely all volunteered.


t  Clubhouse Rules, Visitor and Guests Rules were distributed.


t  Ebony Boat Club will officially be a member of the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) effective July 1, 1994.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the California Ballroom, December 10, l994.  We were honored to have two visiting Commodores attending the affair, Commodore Dave Milton and Alice from Port Stockton Yacht Club and  Commodore Dave Johnson and Jan from Sequoia Yacht Club, Redwood City, CA.





t  The members were still working  very diligently to complete a few projects and make repairs  to the clubhouse, but  overall they were getting very close to completion.  Of course there will always be something to break and repair and our crews running around with their favorite hammers  and screwdrivers.


t  The Boatique officially opened January 29, 1995 with Pegge Hagans as the Manager.


t  The permanent position of Clubhouse Manager was established in 1995.


t  Our Black History celebration was held at the clubhouse February 18-20, 1995. Coordinators Richard and Lenora Clark prepared an outstanding program beginning with their special guest speaker Ashia M. Abdulmajeed completely enjoyed by all.


t  Rommye Qualls daughter of Kathy Qualls appeared on the Deans Honor Roll at California State Hayward and has also purchased her first new home in Pittsburg, CA.  We are so very proud of you Rommye along with our other youngsters who have taken advantage of our Scholarship Program and proven that  they can  be role models and leaders.  Kathy Qualls  a very active member in EBC was the owner of her  boat  the “Missy Q”.  It was a magnificent  pleasure running with her on the water especially with her at the wheel and observing the attention she always  received when docking.  I have heard “hey that’s a lady coming in on that boat”.


t  The Juneteenth Day Celebration was held at Hogback Recreational State Park, June 16-18, l995.  This is the event that we target for exposing African-American youth to boating and water activities.  Fifty or more youths attended this event and by the happy faces enjoyed every minute of it, even Tony and I enjoyed a few. After all History  works f or everybody.


t  The Boatique officially opened January 29, 1995 with Pegge Hagans as the Manager.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the California Ballroom, Oakland, CA, December 10, 1995.





t  The history of our Club was discussed at great length by Commodore Melson.  He explained that the primary purpose was to fellowship and introduce youths to boating.  He also expressed the desire to possibly establish a second interesting event for the youth.


t  Founders Recognition Day was celebrated at the clubhouse October 28, 1996 and has become an annual event, remember without  them there would be no us.


t  Ebony Boat Club was recognized in the Charter Blue Gavel.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at Earl’s, Vallejo, CA December 7, 1996.





t  February is Black History Month and Rear Commodore Qualls and Shirley Reid were coordinators for this event.  They prepared a special program including distinguished guest speakers such as Rear Admiral Robert  L. Toney (USN Ret), Robert L. Demmons, the first African-American  Fire  Chief  in San Francisco, CA, and our own Dan  Gordon  owner of  Yacht  Masters in Vallejo, CA.  This event will be held at the clubhouse February 14-16, 1997.


t  Commodore Clark was elected to the PICYA Board of Directors, the first African-American to hold this position in the 102 year history of this organization.  Another first for the EBC “Wall of Fame”.  The installation will be held at the Top of the Bay Room, Holiday Inn, Emeryville, CA, January 24, 1998.


t  The Juneteenth Youth Day Event was held at Hogback Recreational l Park June 13-15, 1997.  There was entertainment such as swimming, playing games, boat rides, jet ski rides and of course lots of good food.  It always makes you feel good to see those happy faces on our beautiful young people, a happy face is a blessing for all of us.


t  Parliamentarian Don Kemp chaired the review of the proposed revisions to the club by-laws, which were passed and adopted.


t  Ebony Boat Club celebrated their 10th Anniversary September 20, 1997.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at Humphrey’s December 20, 1997.  This was a special event for EBC as we were privileged to have a Jazz Combo featuring Dayna Stephens, the grandson of Elbert and Yvonne Bullock and also special guests from PICYA, Commodore Joan Marsh-Clune and her husband Bob. 


t  Captain Bill Hall was given a special standing ovation when he made his appearance at the Ball.  Bill has been in ill health for some time and was hospitalized.  With the help of his long time faithful companion, Ann Dukes, a Registered Nurse by profession, the hospital permitted him to leave in a wheelchair to also enjoy the Ball.  Those of us who knew Bill also knew that you had a lifelong friend because that was exactly who he was.  I miss him and especially seeing him at the clubhouse, which he loved.  I was even his personal shopper when I was the Boatique Manager I always felt good when I could fill his order.   I know his EBC family will never forget him.


t  Commodore Clark received the sad news that our dear Captain Bill Hall had passed December 18, 1997.  A Memorial in his honor is in the planning stage, he will be missed.  A Memorial Plaque in honor of EBC’s deceased members was established and the first inscription will be in his honor and dedicated at the Black History Celebration, February 15, 1998.  Bill requested that in lieu of flowers please make a donation to the EBC Scholarship Fund.





t  The first EBC Scholarship recipient Heather Powell, will graduate in June 1998 with a degree in Public Health, and has applied for admission to the University of Ghana.  She is the daughter of Sandra Galloway our Secretary.  Heather will attend the July raft up to express her appreciation.


t  Commodore Clark advised EBC members that our fellow member Captain Aury Canson passed March 21, 1998.  A flotilla will proceed up the American River for a “Tribute to the Rivers” ceremony.  Captain Aury Canson’s name will be added to the Memorial Plaque in the clubhouse.  He will be missed by all of his friends and fellow club members.  To know Aury was a pleasure, he always had a good joke and a good smile to go with it.  This is the part of   History that I do not enjoy, as I said before, always a happy beginning, but often times a few sad endings.  I guess we can say it is all a part of our journey. So let us enjoy.


t  Rear Commodore Qualls announced that the first fundraising event of the 1998 season, EBC’s Blues Weekend will be held at the clubhouse April 24-26.  Eddie Abrams a filmmaker will attend to initiate development of a film with the name “EBC on Soul Beat”.


t  Youth Coordinator Marilyn Brock held the Youth Activity Event at the clubhouse April 11, 1998.  The special name for this day was “A Whale of a Day on the Delta”.  As always, Marilyn and her committee made this event special and that is why we have a full house when this Day comes around.  There were approximately thirty-five young people enjoying this day, which included water and boat safety, fishing, boat rides, good food, gifts and the big surprise an Easter Egg Hunt.


t  Our Editor of the Beacon, Tony Hagans introduced EBC to the World Wide Web.  Just to see EBC’s Web page was quite a pleasant surprise and certainly an accomplishment of another job well done.  These extra attractions add just a touch of class and really takes quite some time and patience.  I know, I watch him once in a while, he is so committed.


t  Another of our important events of the year is the Juneteenth Celebration, which was held at Hogback Recreational Park, June 20, 1998.  This special day is used to entertain our young people along with providing role models for the less fortunate from surrounding communities.  We hosted groups from the First Baptist Church of Pittsburg, the Archie Moore foundation, Adger Realty and many other young groups invited by our fellow club members.


t  The International Order of the Blue Gavel (IOBG) welcomed EBC as a Charter member effective August 28, 1998 to be known as “Ebony Boat Club”.  The IOBG is composed of Past Commodores of Yacht Clubs and EBC will be one of the twenty-five chapters in Delta District 19.  With the Vice President of IOBG Carol Promessi presiding, Richard Clark and Bill Melson were officially installed to the Order of the Blue Gavel.  Roy Adger’s affiliation will be officially transferred to Delta District 19.  Due to a late arrival, Otis Loggins missed the installation ceremony, but he will be officially enrolled as a member.  An official charter was presented to EBC, which will be permanently displayed in the clubhouse.


t  Members were advised of the addition of a Tiller to the Trophy Bar signifying “River of Success” to which the names of all EBC Past Commodores will be engraved.


t  EBC will host the final Youth Activity Day event at the clubhouse October 10, 1998.  Marilyn Brock the Youth Activity Coordinator and her committee have once again given this day a special meaning and a special “Sea Treasured Day on the Delta”.  There were approximately forty youths attending from different groups such as the SacraMentor Program and Rites of Passages along with our youths from EBC.  The planned activity for the day was the Magic Show a perfect enjoyable ending for the year.  A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to EBC by the SacraMentor Program representative and will be a permanent display in the clubhouse.

t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at Humphrey’s on the Delta December 5, 1998.   An “Eight Bell” Ceremony was performed in memory of Captain Bill Hall and Captain Aury Canson.





t  Ebony Boat Club was presented the Bay and Delta Yachtsman Public Service Award at the PICYA awards dinner hosted by the Encinal Yacht Club.    This award is given to a club that has been involved in honoring or benefiting a portion of the community.


t  The first Youth Activity Day, “Day on the Delta” was held at the clubhouse April 10, 1999.  Marilyn Brock our Youth Coordinator and her committee hosted over sixty young adults from the Stockton and Tracy areas.  A full day of events included a water safety program, lunch, fishing, boat rides and ended with a Magic Show and many happy smiling faces, a pleasant feeling of success for all of us.  The end result is to have these wonderful young people leave with the same smiles on their faces and a promise of many more fun filled happy days.   We love them, each and every one.


t  The Ebony Boat Club Scholarship fundraiser was held at Mr. E’s Jazz Club located in downtown Berkeley, CA, May 25, 1999.


t  The San Joaquin Yacht Club presented EBC a gift of “The Bell”.  It was installed above the bar with a temporary sign, which reads, “He who rings the bell in jest, shall buy a drink for all the rest”.


t  Dan Gordon volunteered his beautiful 57-foot vessel “Mahogany” to represent EBC in the Opening Day Parade on April 25, 1999.


t  A special fundraiser was suggested with all of the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund.   The program will include the EBC band “Flashback” which will perform at Mr. E’s, Pete Escovedo’s nightclub in Berkeley, CA, May 15,1999.


t  On behalf of our Captain Bill Hall, Ann Dukes presented a benevolence contribution of $500.00 to the Scholarship Fund and announced that this donation will continue in accordance with Bill’s request.

t  Marilyn Brock and her committee hosted the final Youth Activity Day event for this year at the clubhouse October 23, 1999.  Our youth enjoyed a full day of activities, which included water safety briefings, fishing, boat rides, games and the surprise of the day the forever loved and requested Magic Show.  Marilyn always has special and interesting activities planned for her attending youngsters. She brings  this experience with her from successfully owning and managing “Marilyn’s Pre-School and Day Care Center” along with her natural ability to show these young people love and to let them know that, yes we do love you and really care about you.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Holiday Inn, Emeryville, CA, and December 4, 1999.  Our special entertainment for the evening was music furnished by Larry Pierce and the Third Street Band.  Of course, I was there and enjoyed every moment.





t  Special Recognition Awards were presented to Tony Hagans, Editor of the Beacon, David Brown, Clubhouse Improvements, and Dan Gordon for Opening Day on the Bay Parade.


t  Lenora Clark reported that EBC was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for one year of perfect attendance at PICYA meetings.  EBC was also honored with a Certificate as a “One Star Club” for 1999.


t  A motion for EBC to award a scholarship in the amount of $1500.00 to one student in the year 2000 was approved.


t  The first Opening Day on the Bay was held on the San Francisco waterfront and the theme was “Millennium Voyage”.  Division 700 (boats decorated not to theme) was awarded first place to James and Kathy Mitchell aboard their vessel “Seafari” another honor for EBC.  The awards presentation took place at Oyster Point Yacht Club May 8, 2000.


t  Our first wedding reception was held at the EBC clubhouse on May 20, 2000.  Past Commodore Roy Adger and our Secretary, Sandra Galloway was married on the Delta aboard the beautiful “Satin Doll” belonging to Commodore Adger.  Just one of the many romantic highlights of this special day was First Mate Yvonne Bullock tossing yellow rose petals on the water, while Captain Elbert Bullock played the couples favorite song “One in a Million”.  The clubhouse was elegantly decorated by Ann Dukes and her helpers with yellow roses throughout as the theme, and of course attended by many friends, guests, family members and club members  coming together to congratulate the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Adger.  This was truly a really “One in a Million” affair  and portrayed  nothing but First Class and a Red Carpet Affair at its best, I know because I was there.


t  EBC signed a two-year lease with Bruno’s Island Yacht Harbor on June 30, 2000.  This lease becomes effective on July 15, 2000.  The Site Committee has planned to move July 29 and 30.  Owl Harbor was notified that we have planned to be moved by August 15, 2000.


t  Tyrone Simon was the recipient of the EBC 2000 Scholarship Award, and received his check at the June General Membership meeting.  His Mother and younger Brother accompanied Tyrone.  He will attend Clark University in Atlanta, GA.


t  Many of our members were on hand for the official move to Bruno’s Island, July 29 and 30, 2000.  Of course, we had many projects programmed for completion and added to our “To Do List”, but then again we are EBC and we will “get her done” and no job will be left undone.  Our new address is Ebony Boat Club, Bruno’s Island Yacht Harbor, 1200 West Brannan Island Road, Isleton, CA, 95641.  This information is necessary, as we will be open for business and fun soon.


t  The Youth Activity Day event will be held at our new clubhouse site August 12, 2000.  As in the past, everybody will enjoy this day with the same smiles on their faces.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Holiday Inn, Emeryville, CA, December 9, 2000.


t  An application to the ABC for a permanent liquor license was submitted.  Commodores Roy Adger and Otis Loggins accepted this responsibility so we can consider this project a “done deed” and removed from the decreasing “To Do List”.

t  Lenora Clark was appointed to the Board of Directors of Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC) for 2001.  Lenora is also a member of the Ebony Boat Club.


t  The Annual Juneteenth Youth Day Event was held at Hogback Recreational State
Park and as in the past the enthusiasm did not change, everybody wore their happy faces.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the California Ballroom, Oakland, CA, December 1, 2001.  Commodore Melson presented an Award of Thanks to Tony Hagans, our Editor of the Beacon for preparing one of the best Yachting Newsletters in the area,   and for developing and assuming the responsibility of maintaining the EBC Website.





t  Past Commodore of EBC Richard Clark was installed as Commodore of Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) for the year 2002.  This is another wonderful entry for EBC’s Wall of Fame located in the clubhouse.  Richard is the first African-American to receive this honor.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the California Ballroom, Oakland. CA, December 7, 2002.





t  Commodore Clark along with other members of the Executive Board were invited to be guests on board the USCG APSEN, October 11, 2003.


t  EBC members attended the Fifteenth Annual Change of Watch for District 19 of the International Order of Blue Gavel (IOBG), which was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Walnut Creek, CA.


t  September 20, 2003 Past Commodore Roy Adger was installed as Vice President Elect of IOBG, Lenora Clark installed as Vice President and Sandi Adger as Treasurer of IOBGA the spouse’s auxiliary.

t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Oakland Airport Holiday Inn on Hegenberger Road, December 6, 2003.





t  The Youth Activity Day was held at the clubhouse April 3, 2004 with many happy faces present to   make this a special   memorable day of enjoyment for them.


t  EBC voted to change the date for the Annual Inaugural Ball from December to January.  This change became law and was adopted.


t  EBC again won the PICYA Perfect Attendance Award.


t  Lenora Clark was appointed by the Governor of California to the position of Commissioner for the California Department of Boating and Waterways.


t  Again, the Youth Activity Day was held at the clubhouse August 14, 2004 with boat rides, games, fishing, excellent food and other exciting activities to keep those smiling faces happy.  This has become one of our favorite things to do.  It is always about our young people who one day will be our “old” people.


t  The Club awarded three one thousand dollar ($1000.00) scholarships to deserving students who were also invited to attend the Youth Activity Day Event.  It is our hope that these young people will pass on to others that life is more than just an impossible dream, it is a reality.   Remember that is how we got here and created our very own history.





t  So far everything that you have read about Ebony Boat Club has been “The First” which is absolutely true, after all we are the first.  The year 2005 gave EBC their “first” lady Commodore, Marilyn Brock and believe me how great can History get.  She has contributed many hours to the Club and chaired many committees to help make things work, examples Scholarship Fund Program, Youth Activity Day Program even spent some time in the galley, she is an excellent Commodore, along with winning many awards for numerous events, of course her husband Past Commodore Otis Brock shared this luxury with her. 

t  Commodore Marilyn Brock is also an experienced Captain capable of skillfully handling “The Enchantment” and knows how to throw a line once in a while when the two of them decide to go on a fishing trip.      


t  Past Commodore Roy Adger was appointed President of the International Order of the Blue Gavel (IOBG) January 16, 2005.


t  Staff Commodore Paul Boyd was installed into the IOBG at San Joaquin Yacht Club, February 13, 2005.


t  Ebony Boat Club was presented the Bay and Delta Yachtsman Public Service Award Trophy.  This award is presented to the club that has performed an outstanding community service.  It specifically honors that club’s effort in 2004 working with inner city youths.  Past Commodore Otis Brock and Commodore Marilyn Brock accepted the trophy on behalf of the Ebony Boat Club.


t  Lenora Clark was elected by the RBOC Board to serve as Vice President of Recreational Boaters of California.  We certainly are building our Wall of Fame.


t  The Youth Activity Day Event was held at the clubhouse April 24, 2005 with all of the special surprises prepared for them.  Everybody enjoys this date even our members, there is always good food available.


t  The “Enchantment” owned by Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock was awarded second prize in the Annual PICYA Opening Day on the Bay Parade.


t  EBC hosted the International Order of Blue Gavel (IOBG) District Board and

Delegate meeting.


t  EBC was presented two awards from Recreational Boaters of California for achieving five years of perfect attendance and EBC becoming a “Two Star Club”.


t  Commodore Marilyn Brock presented a plate and a large trophy to Past Commodore Richard Clark in recognition of his duty as Commodore of

PICYA and also presented him with the Yachtsman’s Trophy of the Year Award.


t  The Juneteenth Celebration for the youth was held at the clubhouse with approximately twenty-five young people attending June 11, 2005.


t  The final Youth Activity Day Event for the year was held at the clubhouse with twenty or more adults attending from the Covenant House in San Francisco, CA, October 8, 2005.


t  Bianca J. Monroe was presented the EBC Scholarship Award for the year 2005.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Emeryville, CA, January 14, 2006.





t  A truly sad day for all Ebony Boat Club members was the news that we had lost one of our Founders and our Commodore Roy L. Adger, Sr.  He passed February 25, 2006.  Needless to say that several members attended the service to honor him and to offer our support to his wife Sandra and family members.  Commodore Adger was “one of a kind” individual, a great man of vision, understanding, love for everybody and a solid plan for the future.  I know all of these to be true because he was my best friend and my mentor.  Always there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry upon and that special voice to assure me that everything will be “Ok”.  He was there for me through my darkest days of establishing the Boatique.   He will always be in my heart and missed.  These comments are coming from me, Pegge Hagans the Club Historian, but I know he was loved by all.  Commodore Spencer will not mind my taking a little of his time, because he also knew him.


t  The “Enchantment” owned by the Brocks again represented EBC at the Annual Opening Day on the Bay Parade and was awarded second place for powerboats and their decoration in the theme “Mardi Gras” April 30, 2006.


t  Ebony Boat Club finally moved from Bruno’s Yacht Harbor, Isleton, CA, to a location at San Joaquin Yacht Harbor, 3307 Wilbur Ave, Antioch, CA, June 2006. The club has been very busy getting settled and making many necessary repairs.  The election for the 2007 officers will be held October 28, 2006 at our new location.

t  The final Youth Activity Day Celebration of the year was held at the clubhouse October 14, 2006.  There were boat rides, fishing, games and as always lots of good food to complete a perfect day.


t  Past Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock represented EBC at the Annual International Order of the Blue Gavel (IOBG) convention in Long Beach, CA, October 25-29, 2006.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Pleasanton Hilton, Pleasanton, CA, January 13, 2007.





t  Lenora Clark President of Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC) was awarded the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) Silver Star at the Change of Watch on January 27, 2007, for her work on behalf of boaters throughout the state of California.


t  Commodore Spencer was sworn into membership of IOBG at San Joaquin Yacht Club, February 18, 2007, along with his First Mate Vera Labat became a member of the IOBGA Auxiliary.


t  Members of EBC attended the PI CYA Leadership Conference held at Aeolian Yacht Club, March 3, 2007.


t  The first Youth Activity Day Event of  the year was held at the clubhouse March 10, 2007 with approximately twenty youths and seven adult guests participating and  also enjoying the day of fishing, boating, games, water safety programs and many other activities, and of course good foods and goodies.  For the attending adults it must have been a wonderful day for them.


t  EBC was issued their license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage (ABC) for Contra Costa County.


t  The “Enchantment” owned by Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock represented EBC again in the Annual PICYA Opening Day on the Bay Parade.  The theme this year was “The Soul Train” and we won first place in the powerboat division.  The trophy was presented at Oyster Point Yacht Club, May 7, 2007, and will be added to our Trophy Case in the clubhouse.

t  Juneteenth Day Celebration was held at the clubhouse June 9, 2007. The activities included boat rides, fishing, safety demonstrations, an assortment of games and of course delicious food, goodies and gifts.  Who would not enjoy this very special day.  The New Vision Christian Center and St Marks Church were also guests.  EBC made a presentation to the Coast Guard for their support through the years.


t  The clubhouse was once again a chosen location for the wedding and reception of our members Keisha Terrell and Marcel Dawson.  The decorations were beautiful and the Buffet was superb.  All of these things were way above a touch of class.  Reverend Carlton Booker performed the ceremony after which the many friends, guests, fellow club members and family enjoyed the remainder of this happy day.  Our best wishes go out to the new Mr. and Mrs. Dawson and we know that they will enjoy many more of these unforgettable moments.   The wedding took place June 30, 2007. A happy day.


t  The final Youth Activity Day Event for the year was held at the clubhouse October 13, 2007.  As always in EBC fashion and following the previous good time surprises including boating, fishing, the best of food, games and gifts, I find it difficult to add anything to an already perfectly planned day.  Approximately 17 – 20 young men from the Grace Fellowship Men’s Ministry Group attended.


t  EBC held the first Fishing Derby for Striped Bass and Sturgeon, October 20, 2007.


t  EBC celebrated its twentieth anniversary.  Several former members and guests were present to share this very important memorable occasion.  We have had twenty glorious years together and with our Faith and Prayers hopefully we will experience twenty more.   We are the Club who will always remember our mission, and continue to uphold established goals.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Pleasanton Hilton, Pleasanton, CA, January 12, 2008.





t  EBC welcomed our new Commodore, Eddie Joe Mack, again History repeating itself.  I find it absolutely amazing and wonderful to experience the reality of having another member of our Club elected to this position, the highest office.  I know this could happen in other organizations, but it is a special event for Ebony Boat Club and well worth the recognition.   We are not forgetting our first Commodore Marilyn Brock, and I am elated that we have to start counting. (this statement is made jokingly of course, personality has a great deal to do with the position of Historian)


t  Commodore Eddie Jo Mack, along with delegates Janet Noyd, Lenora Clark, Past Commodore Richard Clark and Rear Commodore Ann Dukes attended the PICYA Inaugural Celebration.   Two of our members participated in this ceremony, Lenora Clark who will serve on the PICYA Board of Directors in 2008, and Richard Clark, her husband who had the pleasure of swearing her into that position.  How about  that  for  another “first”, a husband and wife team  in action, and this event  has earned a place on our “Wall of Fame” in the clubhouse.  This affair took place January 26, 2008.


t  EBC received a Certificate from PICYA for seven years of perfect attendance.


t  EBC was the subject of one of the featured articles in the February issue of SEA Magazine.  We were recognized for our many activities concerning our youth programs.  This was the third major publication focused on our youth.  The Contra Costa Times published an article highlighting EBC with the Sheriff’s Department relating to water and boat safety.  Also the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department has included EBC in their yearly activity schedule as part of the

Safety Training Program.  We are more than proud to be the recipient of all of these tributes and programs and welcome them all.


t  EBC celebrated Black History Month at the clubhouse with an outstanding program.  The WEMIME Dance Teams from Grace Bible Fellowship Church of Antioch, CA, performed at this event.  There were twenty young men ranging from the ages of seven to eighteen who delivered an excellent presentation under the direction of Ms. Lisa Pryor.  Vera Labat, an EBC member persuaded some of the EBC members to share a few of their success stories or childhood experiences. The program ended with a presentation from Mr. Charles Kithcart, President of the African Diaspora Maritime, San Francisco, CA.


t  The Annual Jazz and Wine Festival was held at the clubhouse, San Joaquin Yacht Harbor, Antioch, CA, June 7, 2008.  This has always been a super special event for me, and many others who share the same love of jazz as I do.  I am truly a jazz lover.


t  EBC received a PICYA Three Star Rating (this equals 150-199 COTY Points) for the year 2008.  We were one out of five other clubs from PICYA to receive this score.


t  Our Editor and Website Manager, Tony Hagans was presented a flag honoring his position and dedication.  I personally know how very hard he works at these positions to keep them going.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA, January 10, 2009.





t  Commodore James Mack had already made a commitment to EBC to complete several priority projects when he was elected as our Commodore.

 Of course he had complete cooperation from his fellow members to begin these at times difficult duties and there were many.  Commodore Mack was a leader who made himself available to all members even when he was busy working on other projects, he always had the time.  The years 2009 and 2010 were especially full of difficult decisions and lots of work.   We also were in the midst of having to relocate our clubhouse to another location.    Ebony Boat Club has earned the title “have barge will travel”.  Just a little taste of humor always clears the air, you know I am your historian.


t  Commodore  James Mack also brought his intended goals and ambitions with him, and here are a few of his  thoughts and wishes for The Ebony Boat Club:

 “EXPANDED LEGACY”  meaning that  we will continue to respect our mission and never forget who we are and where we came from,  “SPREAD Out”, become  more widely known in the surrounding communities,  “OPEN OUT”, consider membership in the Ebony Boat Club to all persons who are twenty-one or over, have a good reputation , and foremost a genuine interest in the purpose for which this club was founded, ” STRETCH  OUT”, expanding the Youth Activity Program to inner- city youth organizations in and around the Bay Area.

t  He has set a goal to suspend the initiation fee until we reach our membership goal, at which time we will not have to rely on cruise-ins and fundraisers to pay our bills.


t  The Contra Costa Sheriff’s patrol has partnered with the Club and we hope to get the Coast Guard Auxiliary as a partner in 2010.  Currently, we are the only Boat Club with an active youth outdoor oriented program that targets under privileged youth from local inner- cities and rural communities. 


t  EBC has received permission to participate in the Stewardship Grant Program.  Vera Labat will continue research and apply for the 2009 Catalyst Grant Foundation through the Stewardship Council.


t  The PICYA Spring Conference was held in Pittsburg, CA.  This organization has developed a Resource Directory of special interest activities.  Our delegate Richard Clark for Youth Activities, and delegate Lenora Clark for Policies and Politics both designated as Resource members.  Commodore James Mack and Rear Commodore Ann Dukes also attended.


t  EBC was recognized for the Youth Outreach Program at PICYA training regional affairs conference.


t  The Youth Activity Day Event was attended and enjoyed by ten young men and two leaders.   A professional fly fish expert entertained the guests with demonstrations and explanations of this sport in detail.  He was such a hit that everybody wanted him to return for a repeat performance.  Needless to say every face was a smiling happy face, as all of our youngsters are after the day has ended.  Of course the good food is always a number one hit.  This event was October 19, 2009 and held at the clubhouse.


t  Several of our members attended the PICYA Awards Dinner, which was held at Encinal Yacht Club.  We received the “Three Star Award” and points for the Club.


t  Past Commodore Otis Brock received the Yachtsman of the Year Award, so proud of you Otis, another entry for the fabulous Wall.


t  The Youth Activity Day Event was held at the clubhouse March 14, 2009, and the program was outstanding, so was the food and other goodies, along with boat rides and boating safety.  The faces tell the story with those beautiful smiles and “thank you” grins. 


t  Commodores James and Eddie Jo Mack and Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock attended the IOBG District 19 meeting held at Windmill Cove, Stockton, CA, July 26, 2009.


t  It was decided that a limit of 15-20 high school and middle school children can participate at a clubhouse function.


t  Commodore James Mack and Rear Commodore Ann Dukes attended the PICYA Management Conference.


t  EBC members attended the IOBG District 10 Installation Dinner held at Village West Yacht Club, Stockton, CA.


t  The Annual EBC Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda. CA. January 9, 2010.





t  The Member Safety Training Program had its beginning and hopefully all of our members will plan to attend.  This program could prove to be a very beneficial learning tool for all.


t  The PICYA Change of Watch was held January 20, 20l0.  Commodore Smith and the officers were present.  Past Commodore Richard Clark was Master of Ceremony, and was seated at the head table with Lenora Clark, who was selected again as a Board Member for this year.  Commodores James Mack and Eddie Jo Mack, Past Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock, Captain Robert Willis and Rear Commodore Ann Dukes also attended.


t  Lori Dial volunteered for the position of Clubhouse Manager.  This is a “stand by me” position, so let us know whenever you need a few or more volunteers to help out.  In fact, I think that it would be an excellent idea to ask for volunteers who will be available and make them known to the members.  At one time we did have  a similar  program where the volunteers wore  a  name  tag  which  identified them as such.  “Back in the day” even I proudly wore one, it read” Clubhouse Volunteer Pegge Hagans”.  Of course, we shared the times and that was long before the Boatique became a real thing.  Lori has a tough job and she does it exceptionally well, along with the position of Club Secretary which speaks for itself.


t  Applications for the EBC Scholarship Program are available on the Website.


t  Opening Day on the Bay Parade, April 25, 2010 was a happy day for EBC.  We won the “Best Overall Award”.  Thankyou Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock and your dedicated crew for offering the “Enchantment” to bring this win home again.  The theme for the day was “Building Bridges of Friendship Around the World”.  The decorations included flags from many countries and olive branches, there were twenty people dressed to represent twenty countries and waving the flag of that particular country, a huge globe on the bow of the boat and the music was of worldwide friendship.  The awards dinner was held at Oyster Point Yacht, May 3, 2010.


t  October Youth Activity will host the Seaside Youth Group in 2010.


t  The IOBG members had a cruise-out to Power Squadron Island.


t  Past Commodore Richard Clark reported that PICYA has four $2500.00 scholarships available, and with EBC’s contribution that adds up to a considerable amount towards our Award.


t  A young man sixteen years of age attending our Youth Activity Day Event has been contacted by several Ivy League Colleges.  He has a 4.0 GPA, which indicates that he is certainly a person who can be trusted with our future and help to make the world a better place.  This is an example of EBC’s influence on our young people, al l they need is the opportunity. Remember as I continue to say, “I have seen our History in the past. I am seeing it now in the present, and I have already had a glimpse into the future”


t  The next information I would like to share with you may not be classified as History, but after all, I am the Historian and pretty much a free spirit.  This is very important to EBC.  One of our major projects and concerns has been the heating system in the clubhouse, which called for a fundraiser targeted only for this project.  After all this is our clubhouse and we would enjoy the warmth in the winter months as well the cooling in the summer months, and with the clubs determination and drive, we will have both soon.  I just have to slow down and pass this special “FLASH” to everybody, yes we are now in the process of installing our new HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, certainly some time has passed, but it is finally here for us to enjoy.  As far as making History, not having a warm or cool clubhouse in California is History.  Just another little touch of humor. 


t  Commodore Mack thanked the membership for their patience, cooperation, support and standing by him to the completion of this project.   He expressed his heartfelt thanks to everybody and reminded us that he too would also enjoy the benefits of this project, and we will celebrate together.      


t  The IOBG President’s Grand Ball and Installation of Officers was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA, October 23, 2010.  Vern Bendsen also a member of EBC was sworn in as the new President.  Congratulations Vern.


t  EBC will receive an Achievement Award from PICYA for ten years of perfect attendance.


t  We have been advised that one hundred African-American men have expressed an interest in participating in our Youth Activity Program. Now this would be a special report and definitely History.  Let us make this a project for EBC.


t  Commodore Mack continued his repairing and replacing as they occurred and always our fellow club member’s right along by his side.  Everything EBC accomplishes is solely the result of a “TEAM EFFORT”.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA, January 8, 2011.





t  Oakland’s Black Cowboys Chapter held its retreat at the clubhouse and from the reports received they really enjoyed themselves and would like to do it again in the very near future.


t  EBC members attended the PICYA Spring Conference held at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, February 28, 2011.


t  The first Youth Activity Day Event was held at the clubhouse with good times, good food and many interesting games, March 12, 2011.

t  EBC PICYA delegates Lenora Clark, Past Commodores Ann Dukes and Eddie Jo Mack, Vice Commodore David Dial and Clubhouse Manager Lori Dial attended the PICYA Leadership Conference held at the Pittsburg Yacht Club, 2011. 


t  The Annual Jazz and Wine Festival was held June 4, 2011 at the EBC clubhouse, San Joaquin Yacht Harbor, Antioch, CA. This is always the best.


t  Two Scholarship Awards in the amount of $l,000.00 each were presented to Raven Chisom and Kalena Bryant.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA, January 14, 2012.





t  Another much welcomed election, yes we have chosen Commodore Ann Dukes as our newly elected Commodore, the highest office in EBC, and not for one moment are we forgetting our previous Commodores Marilyn Brock and Eddie Jo Mack.  I am really enjoying this event, and proud too. Commodore Dukes is also a Registered Nurse by profession and that can put her on the top of the list for emergencies, and we have had a few.  She has proven to be an outstanding leader.


t  Opening Day on the Bay with the “Enchantment” as our entry was awarded the “Best Overall Size”.  The crew wore the uniforms of the “Buffalo Soldiers”, “Tuskegee Airmen”, “President  Obama and the First Lady,” Vice President Joe Biden” and other White House Dignitaries.  The theme was “American Spirit”. The Brocks were perfect as the “President and the First Lady”. This event was held April 29, 2012.


t  EBC Annual Jazz and Wine Tasting Festival was held at the clubhouse at San Joaquin Yacht Harbor, Antioch, CA, June 2, 2012.  Good  jazz and excellent wine.


t  The Youth Activity Day Event   combined with our Juneteenth Day Celebration was held at the clubhouse June 16, 2012.  We hosted the East Bay Bible Club and of course served excellent food, which included hot dogs, a favorite with the youngsters and some adults too, many other goodies, boat rides, fishing experiences, and exciting games all in an effort to entertain our youths of tomorrow.


t  EBC awarded the first installment of $500.00 each toward their Scholarship to Lejon Otis Butcher and Nicole Strambler.  Congratulations to you both.

Some additional good news concerning our past recipients of EBC Scholarships, Lejon Butcher is a senior at Sonoma State University, Mikayla Campbell is a sophomore at Loyola Marymount University and Riley Simmons is a sophomore at Los Rios Community College.  Oh, how proud we are of these wonderful young people our future leaders.  Congratulations to all.  History in the making.   We have had five graduating young adults applying for EBC Scholarships more than we have had for some time.  This certainly sends a good positive message to all of us.      For informational purposes, Post Graduates are not eligible for this Scholarship Program. 


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA,

January 12, 2013.





t  Lenora Clark attended the PICYA Management Conference held at Berkeley Yacht Club, Berkeley, CA, November 2, 2013.


t  The Juneteenth Celebration is scheduled for June 15, 2013 at the clubhouse.  Our guests will include children and friends of EBC members.  Carol Whitehead who chairs the Youth Activity Committee will include games, good foods, hot dogs and hamburgers, true specials for the young people.  Carol also held a Juneteenth History lesson to explain the meaning of this special day.


t  The “Jennie Vee” owned  by Captain Frank Whitehead and his First Mate Carol won second place in Opening Day on the Bay Parade and first place in the Opening Day on the Delta Parade.  Congratulations for another job well done and for another award to be placed on our “Wall of Fame”.  The theme for this event was “The Great Race”.


t  The Annual EBC Jazz and Wine Festival was held June 1, 2013 at the EBC clubhouse located at the San Joaquin Yacht Harbor, Antioch, CA.  As always this is one of our “Go To” events, the music is fabulous.

t  The Ebony Boat Club celebrated its twenty sixth Anniversary with an Open House October 26, 2013.   This event was held at the Ebony Boat Clubhouse in Antioch, CA.


t  The EBC Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA, 11 January, 2014.





t  Our newly elected Commodore has taken on one of  the most  critical  EBC projects, locating a new home for the clubhouse.  What an assignment for the first day on the job.  (A Historian  joke only, makes me recall a few of my “first days on the job” and not with a pleasant memory).  I know that he will do his very best and,   will have nothing but complete support from the members.   We are still Ebony Boat Club just looking for our space, everybody should have one.   I have made these statements because I think this is the first time since I have been a member, (24 years) that a Commodore has been elected almost without a home.  Now back to the really serious business.


t  Our current temporary home, the San Joaquin Yacht Harbor in Antioch, CA has been sold and the new owners have asked us to move.  Our time to make this move is limited, so this problem has become serious, however as always we will move on with dignity   and continue our journey. We will survive because a permanent clubhouse is in the making.


t  The Commodore suggested that members attend all  future meetings if possible and get involved, for example offering your ideas, suggestions, recommendations and  any other helpful advice  that may resolve our location problem.  We have to remember that a house is not being relocated, but a huge very thickly cemented old ammunition barge without a Captain.


t  The Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was celebrated February 8, 2014 at the clubhouse.  This event was to honor Pegge Hagans the Founder of our Boatique in 1995.  Commodores Jim Mack and Otis Brock worked relentlessly on this project which required many, many hours, of hard work and without taking lunch or any other breaks.  I will be forever grateful to them and their hard working crew and love them all, they will never know.   Commodore Dial stated that this project was absolutely a perfect example of the work performed by our EBC family, and yes, we are a family.


t  Just try to imagine entering the clubhouse and the first thing you see is that beautiful Boatique and the name “Pegge Hagans Boatique” written across the front, what a real “Touch of Class” and I love it.  Commodore Marilyn Brock, now our Boatique Manager and her crew really made this a Special Project.  I received a super beautiful bouquet of  flowers, a gorgeous plaque , an  evening of excellent dining, good drinks of course with my friends and special music offered by our Music Director and Past Commodore George Spencer, who is also responsible for EBC’s Annual Jazz and Wine Tasting Festivals. Marilyn was prepared for the Ribbon Cutting, as she had stocked the Boatique with beautiful merchandise.  The only gift forgotten was my cruise ticket to a surprise destination, maybe next time.


t  Opening Day on the Delta Parade was held on April 5, 2014 with  the “Jennie  Vee” owned by Captain Frank Whitehead and his First Mate Carol Whitehead  representing EBC and winners of the “Best Overall” Award  competing with seven other entries.  Another ” Proud to be award” for EBC.


t  Opening Day on the Bay Parade was held on April 27, 2014, the theme was “The Vision.  The PICYA Commodore, Lenora Clark, selected this theme.  Our entry was again the “Jennie Vee”.  The vessel was decorated with a banner that read Ebony Boat Club Youth Program Events, “Drums Not Guns”.  This is our youth’s vision for the future. 


t  Another highlight of this Parade was the drums and drummers performing before an audience of cheering and dancing viewers.  A day to remember for sure.  The award dinner followed and Commodore Dial accepted the “Best of Show” plaque.


t  An update on EBC’s relocation was presented and a few possible sites, Stockton Marina, King Island, Riverboat and Outrigger were discussed and the membership advised of the findings.  A special crew has volunteered to locate possible locations.


t  EBC was presented the Claude H. Benham Memorial Attendance Trophy for 2014.  Robert Willis our delegate accepted this trophy for EBC, which will be on display in the clubhouse.  It will be three years before we can qualify for this award again.

t  Back to our clubhouse location, as you will read the good news goes hand in hand with the bad news, but we are on the right path, anyway the Commodore presented the proposal from Stockton Marina to the membership and it was agreed that official ballots would be mailed by Past Commodore Otis Brock with a return date of September 15, 2014.  Our votes decided that Stockton Marina, Stockton, CA will be our new home, and everybody was in agreement with this decision.


t  Past Commodore Marilyn Brock accomplished transferring our ABC License to the new location.


t  Marilyn Brock, our Boatique Manager reported that Credit Cards Discover, Master Card, Visa and American Express will be accepted in the Boatique and as always the old favorite “Cash and Carry” is a sure winner and forever the most popular.  That was my decision when I was the Manager, and it did work.


t  Ebony Boat Club’s “A Christmas to Remember “ Toy Drive was held November 1 through December 13, 2014.  Approximately  one  hundred  toys were donated and delivered to Saint Mary’s Homeless Shelter in Stockton, CA for distribution to the many disadvantaged youth in our community.  After the delivery was accomplished the members returned  to the clubhouse for a well deserved  holiday party.  This project was another of  EBC’s special  events enjoyed by all.


t  Richard Clark suggested that the “SOP’s” be put on line by Tony Hagans our Editor and the clubhouse rules removed.


t  EBC’s entry for Opening Day on the Delta Parade was “Jennie Vee” with Captain Frank Whitehead and his First Mate, Carol Whitehead the owners in charge.  They were winners of the “Best of Show” a deserving  award and a proud win for our club.  The “Jennie Vee” also won second place in the Opening Day on the Bay Parade, so how about that for winnings.  It takes many hours of hard work and creativity to prepare the boats for display and judging, making every win deserving and Ebony Boat Club still the best in the business. 


t  PICYA Rear Commodore Lenora Clark will  be the chairperson for the Opening Day on the Bay Parade, April 28, 2014.


t  EBC hosted the Delta Lighted Boat Parade at the clubhouse. 


t  Three $l, 000.00 Scholarship Awards were presented this year, 2014.


t  Past Commodores Ann Dukes and Marilyn Brock received certificates for food service handling as required by the California Health Department  to all organizations serving food to the public.


t  EBC had five vessels participating in the Wheelchair Regatta held at Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA.  There were fifteen members on hand to assist with the veterans.  We have not missed representation in fifteen years.


t  Juneteenth Day Celebration was scheduled for June 15, 2014 at the clubhouse, our guests will include children and friends of EBC members.  Carol Whitehead who chairs the Youth Activity Committee will include games, good foods, hot dogs and hamburgers and also hold a Juneteenth History lesson explaining in depth the meaning of this special day.


t  We have had five graduating young adults applying for EBC Scholarships more than we have had for some time.  This certainly creates a good feeling of hope for the future created by their individual choices.


t  Some additional good news concerning a few of our past  recipients of  EBC Scholarship Awards , Lejon Butcher is  a senior at Sonoma State University, Mikayla Campbell is a sophomore at Loyola Marymount University and Riley Simmons is a sophomore  at Los Rios Community College.  These young people can easily be in charge of our future.  My congratulations to all of you, this again is History in the making.  For informational purposes, Post Graduates are not eligible for the EBC Scholarship Award Program.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA January 12, 2014.





t  EBC Annual “Boat Blessing” was held January 3, 2015 at the Bridge Marina.  Reverend Grey Osario delivered the blessings for a prosperous boating year, healthy growth of our membership and togetherness.  A reception was held aboard the “Enchantment” owned by Commodores Otis and Marilyn Brock, what a delightful way to end such a special event.  Each vessel will be presented a Boat Blessing nameplate January 31, 2015 at the General Membership Meeting.


t  Ebony Boat Club has developed two new awards for the year 2015, the Aquaholics Award and the Attendance Award, both emphasizing the use of your boat during the year and your attendance at club events.


t  A proposed new project the “Weekend Bartender” was introduced.  A schedule has been established by Jim Mack the EBC Bar Manager beginning January 17, 2015.  Hopefully this new project will add to our financial reporting.


t  Grand Opening at the clubhouse included our contribution to Black History Month and what a delightful event.  There were many friends and guests attending.  The display and History of the “Black Cowboy” was simply magnificent and performed by our Albert Harris (Randy) a true cowboy.  His story was spellbinding and certainly kept everybody entertained and informed.  A special day this February 7, 2015.


t  Effective March 1, 2015 EBC will be required to pay dockage at our dock. This idea was definitely a reversal to a verbal agreement established with the Harbor Management and EBC, which had not been approved by the City of Stockton Marina owners.  The Commodore affirmed that he would work with the Harbor Management to come up with an agreeable decision in writing, and advise the membership accordingly after an acceptable decision is reached. Writing is always an answer to a problem as a verbal agreement is most of the time just that.


t  The Commodore also advised that the Delta spraying of the evasive hyacinth plants will begin March 2015.  We can only hope that it works, travel by water would be fun again. 


t  The Ebony Boat Club Scholarship Award Program acknowledged our new recipients for 2015 at the Annual Inaugural Ball.  They were Mikayla Natasha Campbell and Frantasia Lashrea Miles, two very impressive young ladies.  Our Chairperson Janet Noyd and her committee are doing an excellent job keeping this program alive and encouraging our young people to look straight ahead for that silver lining and a deserving place for each of them.  The end result of this program is knowing that you are responsible for a youngster’s future.  We have had five graduating young adults applying for the EBC Award which is more than we have had for some time.


t  The first Youth Activity Day was held at the clubhouse April 18, 2015 with always help from our dependable “Gotcha Bait” organization.  They have supported us for the past six years providing live worms for fishing and we asked for their continued support to help us made this program a success.  I know the answer will be as positive as it has been in the past.  We thank you for caring about us, many thanks.  The Contra Costa Sheriff Marine Division also offered their participation providing information on youth safety, of course we accepted with thanks.  They also furnished goodie bags, safety instructions and permitted guests to tour a true rescue vessel.


t  Opening Day On San Francisco Bay sponsored by PICYA was held April 26, 2015.  The title was “Youth in Boating”.  Captain Frank Whitehead accompanied by his First Mate Carol Whitehead aboard the vessel “Jennie Vee” won second place in the Youth Division.  The Whitehead’s also represented EBC in the Opening Day in Stockton.  The club attended the Awards Dinner at the Stockton Yacht Club.


t  EBC celebrated Juneteenth Family Day, June 13, 2015 held at the Morelli Park in Stockton, CA.  This park is approximately one block from the clubhouse.  Food and drinks were provided and everybody had a great time.


t  EBC’s Annual Jazz and Wine Festival was held June 6, 2015 at the Downtown Stockton Marina, Stockton, CA.  Unbelievable jazz was the order for the day furnished by the 18-piece Junius Courtney Big Band, and featured vocals by Denise Perrier, beautiful sounds.  Proceeds from this event fund EBC’s Youth Programs, which target underserved youth for Annual Scholarship Awards to many graduating high school seniors and continuing college and university students.  These proceeds also provide days on the water, fishing, boating and above all mentoring, presentations by the Sheriff and Coast Guard Marine Patrols for preschool and high school youths.  What a wonderful worthwhile program, your Historian had tears just writing about it.


t  Just a few more words about my favorite music Jazz, I had a brother, his name was Norris Turney, now deceased who played with the fabulous Duke Ellington Band for years along with other Big Bands, Ray Charles included. Growing up I played Jazz Piano and my younger brother Harold Turney played the drums we were exceptional musicians and had lots of fun.  Harold is also deceased; just me now and I miss them.  Norris played alto sax, flute and many other instruments.  One of these days, I will bring one of his “tunes” to club meeting.


t  Ebony Boat Club revealed the new mailing address and a new Post Office Box which is PO Box 796, Stockton, CA, 95201.  All correspondence should be addressed accordingly.


t  EBC celebrated Juneteenth Family Day, June 13, 2015 held at the Morelli Park in Stockton, CA.  This park is approximately one block from the clubhouse.  Food and drinks were provided and everybody had a great time.


t  EBC sponsored the fall Youth Activity Day which was held at the clubhouse October 10, 2015.  This was a total fun day featuring water and boating safety, fishing, the art of “catch and release” and lots of good food.


t  August 15, 2015 our Staff Commodore Richard Clark volunteered to chair the 2016 Wine and Jazz Festival.


t  September 19, 2015 the Executive Board nominees were announced.


t  September 19, 2015 your Historian Pegge Hagans accepted a challenge and volunteered for the position of Clubhouse Manager.  She also has fabulous assistants, members who chose to help her, the team is Sheila George, Gloria Petit, Rita McCoy and “me”, and I would say a “get it done” team.


t  There was a concern over the intake of the evasive hyacinth plants entering through pumping.  Recreational Boating has spent six million dollars on this problem; let us hope we will be free of this problem and water travel again as we did in the past.


t  Air conditioning was installed in the Boatique and plans are being made to extend the much-needed air to the galley.  There will be lots of shouting if these things happen.  We have such a powerful Maintenance Team all you have to do is wish.  That is why I am wishing for additional shelving to display our awards.


t  The 19th Annual PICYA Margot Wheelchair Regatta was hosted by Encinal Yacht Club September 26, 2015 and of course, EBC participated.  We are always available to give our thanks to the many disabled veterans who celebrate with us.  Our heartfelt thank you to all.


t  Our Annual Open House was held October 31, 2015.  A perfect time for prospective members to surface and see what really goes on at EBC.  Refreshments were served as usual.  A big thank you to our volunteer chefs. 


t  A Credit Card and Cash Policy was entertained for use by club members.  This suggestion is still a positive consideration.


t  There was a concern over the intake through pumping of the evasive plants.  Recreational Boating has spent six million dollars on this problem.  Let us hope we will be free of this nuisance and water travel again as pleasure.


t  The Annual Open House was held October 31, 2015.  A perfect time for prospective members to see what really goes on at EBC.  Refreshments were served and lots of excellent food furnished.


t  Ebony Boat Club Toy Drive and Holiday Christmas Party were held at the clubhouse December 12, 2015.





t  Ebony Boat Club celebrated Black History Month and Open House at the clubhouse February 27, 2016. 


t  A Workshop for Marine and Yacht Club Operators was held at the clubhouse March 29. 2016.  This indeed was a worthwhile affair with guest speakers Bob Butchart from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CAL CES). Vivian Matuk from the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways and Cindy Murphy from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Office.  This Workshop was about learning more about the Delta and Bay areas.

t  Opening Day on the Delta was April 2, 2016 and as usual, EBC entered boats in the Stockton Parade and the Antioch Parade.  We also had a boat in the PICYA Opening Day on the Bay Parade.  Our Staff Commodore David Dial volunteered his boat the “Alegria de Pisca” to participate in the Antioch area Parade.


t  The Annual Jazz and Wine Festival was held June 4, 2016, at Morelli Park, Downtown Marina, Stockton, CA.  Just another fabulous event sponsored by EBC. Everybody has a great time at this special affair, especially your Historian who is truly a jazz lover.  The proceeds from this event fund our Youth programs which target underserved youth for Annual Scholarship Awards, provide days on the water, fishing, boating and mentoring with presentations from numerous organizations.


t  Commodore Willis volunteered his vessel “The Auri Ana” for participation in Opening Day on the Delta Parade along with his First Mate Sheila George.   He was awarded second place in the Best Decorated Class.  Another award for our trophy case.


t  Opening Day on the Bay was held on April 24, 2016 with Commodores Marilyn and Otis Brock aboard  their  “Enchantment “ which took home the first place award in the Powerboat Division.  We are really running out of space for these awards, maybe we extend our clubhouse by adding an Awards Section.


t  The spring Youth Activity Day was held April 16, 2016 at the clubhouse.  The United States Coast Guard Unit of Rio Vista and San Joaquin County Sheriff‘s Water Patrol Unit participated to make the day another successful day and many happy faces.


t  The new Post Office Box Number was submitted to the membership.  The new number is Post Office Box 796, Stockton, CA 95201.  This number must be used for all correspondence intended for EBC.


t  The Annual Juneteenth Celebration was held June 18, 2016 at the clubhouse.  A history of this special day was presented, such as our Black Cowboys Organization and other informational “goodies”.  We all know the name EBC always means excellent food.  Thanks to the many volunteers who are dedicated to making this statement a sincerely true one.

t  EBC joined with the Stockton Yacht Club to participate in the first annual Small Boat Regatta.  Commodore Willis and his First Mate Sheila George were awarded third place, another   reason for adding an Awards Room.  This event was held on June 5, 2016.


t  EBC presented the first Annual White Party event at the clubhouse, August 20, 2016.  The members and friends attending enjoyed a wonderful evening of delicious food, drinks, and dancing and the event has already made the “to do it again list” for next year already. Congratulations to Lenora Clark and her committee.


t  EBC participated in a Community Service Program “Coastal Cleanup Day”, September 17, 2016, which was held at the clubhouse. A little background concerning this program.  The third Saturday in September people join together at sites all over California to take part in the State’s largest volunteer event.  This special day in 2015, more than 68,000 volunteers removed nearly l,l43,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California’s beaches, lakes and waterways.  This event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup organized by the “Ocean Conservancy” the largest volunteer event on the planet.  This program was held September 17, 2016.


t  The Activity Youth Day Celebration was held at the clubhouse, October 15, 2016.  As usual, water safety techniques and the experience of actually boarding a Coast Guard Vessel or a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Rescue Vessel was the excitement for the big day that all young people look forward to attending.  As long as I can remember back when Past Commodore Marilyn Brock was the Chairperson, it was a happy, happy day for so many wonderful young people.  Of course, the hearty lunch was served.


t  EBC’s Annual Scholarship Awards Program selected a deserving young man, Payton K. Simmons to receive this award for the year 2016.  Payton is currently attending Sacramento City College and will have the opportunity to meet club members at the January 2017 Inaugural Ball.


t  We were notified by Past Commodore Eddie Jo Mack that a CD had been received with some recorded EBC events and interviews in 1998.  Edward Abrams is responsible for this very good and interesting news.  I remember the incident and who knows I may even be a star and good news for EBC.  (Smiles for all)

t  EBC was awarded the trophy for the Annual  PICYA  2016  Bay and Delta Yachtsman which  is  presented  to the Yacht Club that performs  Community Service. 


t  EBC also received the PICYA 2016 Club of the Year (COTY) Trophy, which is awarded to the club accumulating the most points for supporting PICYA sponsored events.  Ebony Boat Club is now designated a FIVE STAR YACHT CLUB.


t  EBC’s “A Winter Wonderland” Toy Drive was held at the clubhouse September 3, 2016 through December 10, 2016. Our annual Christmas Party was held the same day and both events were worthwhile, especially the Toy Drive.  Just thinking of the many children who will not receive anything brings tears to my eyes over and over again.  Let us not ever forget the forgotten. Our guest speaker for the Toy Drive Event was the Stockton Fire Chief, Eric Newman who presented an insight of the City of Stockton and a hopeful and positive outlook for the future.  Let us all hope for the best.


t  Our last Community Service project was held December 15, 2016.  Volunteers from Ebony Boat Club prepared food from our clubhouse for the Homeless Camp close to the clubhouse.  The food was fresh ad freshly prepared by seasoned chef’s known everyplace we go for our food.  The food was transported to the camp with lines forming almost before the food arrived.  I was told that lines were being formed to eat.  What a wonderful day especially knowing these people possibly were most likely eating their only meal for the day and who knows maybe their last good meal.  EBC is a giving organization and a loving one too.  That is why I am their Historian and keep up with everything going on, all good, nothing bad in this club.  So a special thanks to EBC we all feel the joy and the love.


t  The Annual Inaugural Ball was held at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel, Stockton, CA, and January 14, 2017.   Carol Whitehead is our newly elected Commodore for the year and she is a very wonderful lady and going to be a terrific leader for our club.  I always have a great smile for this part of the History, Carol will be added to my special list, yes all ladies, first Marilyn Brock, second Ann Dukes, third Eddie Jo Mack and now Carol Whitehead.  I know all of them personally and love each the same, I really do.  I will have more history for you soon as our New Year has already begun.  Keep loving and caring about your friends and especially your family.





t  I am just a little anxious to get some History in the making for our new Commodore, Carol.  This honor was shared at the Annual Inaugural Ball January 14, 20l7, but I already know our year will be busy filled with good things and events as they occur.   I call it making History, which has a Past, Present and always a Future.  I promise I will keep you updated as these events are presented in order to maintain accurate information.  A complete updated copy of the History is also located in a Binder on our Awards Display Case in the clubhouse. 

































I would like to thank you again for your patience waiting for me to get the job done.   So here  it is and I sincerely hope that our new members will really enjoy.  It is truly a good read and it makes you wonder if all of this can be true.  Trust me it is, some from my memory and some from others, but the true beginning of Ebony Boat Club.  Yes, I have even heard some “wrongs”, but that is exactly what they are.    I just want you to remember the beginning and all of those who fought so hard to get us to the place where are now and remember those of us who have passed on and hopefully watching from above.  Our club was solely built from RESPECT, LOVE AND TOGETHERNESS, all of which are necessary to complete the circle that we are all a part of.

As I mentioned earlier, the pictures are still current and play a great part of our past, so enjoy them and get a glimpse of what we used to be.  (Smiles for everyone)


Thank you again for whatever and I will see you soon, looking for History.  As I have previously stated, Tony and I joined the club in 1991, not too long ago (smiles) and can pretty much remember what happened “back in the day”.  We really have a place to call home and a real clubhouse.  Love you all.  We are caught up and ready to start a new year.   What do you think about really building an Award and Trophy room.???????

How about that for an ending, it certainly is HISTORY and may even create a few smiles.  It worked for me.





JANUARY 15, 2017











The Jennie Vee


The Enchantment







The concept was started with annual outings at Hog Back Recreration Park. geared to youth. The agreed upon approch was for each captian to bring a youth to the outing to experience boats and boating.


The choice of a burgee was discussed and conscenios reached at the first meeting. It was to    be a rectangle with horizonal stripes of green, black and red. The proposal was presented by Otis Loggins.





During the second meeting at the Bullock’s house the logo was voted upon. Captain Melson presented pictures of  a dolphin, light house and boat as candidates for the logo. Ann Dukes offered an appropriate comment for the lighthouse: we are shinning the light for others. The group choose the lighthouse as the logo.